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Youth Worker
Well-Being Project

Caring for those who care for our kids.


A healthy youth worker increases positive outcomes for our youth. Indiana’s youth development professionals impact more than 1.5 million Hoosier children under age 18 every year. Youth benefit when youth workers are engaged, aware of the needs of youth and families, knowledgeable about best practices, and when they are able to cope effectively with stress.

The Youth Worker Well-Being Project is a collaborative statewide effort to address individual youth worker well-being, workplace conditions, and root causes of stress in the sector to promote comprehensive change in youth workers and invest in their well-being so they can provide the highest-quality services for Indiana youth. 

Click here to download the Youth Worker Well-Being Project Overview.

Youth workers should feel supported, valued, and equipped to reach their fullest potential so they can help Indiana children feel and do the same.


The Youth Worker Well-Being Project is a collaboration between Indiana Afterschool Network, IARCA Institute for Excellence, Indiana Youth Services Association, Indiana Youth Institute, and Marion County Commission on Youth to improve the lives of Indiana’s youth workers so they can more effectively work with youth.

Funding for the Indiana Youth Worker Well-Being Project is made possible through a $20 million Lilly Endowment Inc. grant to Indiana Youth Institute. 

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