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Establishing conditions to promote children’s educational achievements begins before birth and continues into the elementary school years. With a strong beginning – followed by ongoing quality education, learning environments, and support – children are more likely to stay on track in school and graduate, pursue post-secondary education and training, and successfully transition to adulthood.


How are median wages impacted by education level?

According to the 2022 Indiana Readiness Report, the median wages by education levels in the United States are:

  • Less than a high school diploma: $30,950
  • High school diploma: $39,050
  • Some college or Associates degree: $44,850
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: $72,000


Source: Commission for Higher Education

Economists estimate that in 2031, the nation will have 171 million jobs.

However, only 30% of them will be open to workers without college degrees.


Source: Lytle, 2022

2022 High School Graduation and Drop Out Rates

The number of high school students graduating on time in 2022 was 86.6% compared to 88.1% in 2018. The 2022 dropout rate was 7.5%, compared to 5.2% in 2018.

Source: Indiana Department of Education
Data & Research
College Enrollment Data Set

College enrollment, also called the college-going rate, is the number of students registered to attend a college or university in Indiana. Enrollment is generally calculated as a snapshot in time, usually in the fall, but can also be determined using the percentage of high school graduates in a given year who are registered to attend a postsecondary program. College enrollment can be measured by degree type, demographics, full-time enrollment vs part-time enrollment, and institution type. Years included: 2021 cohort | Source: Indiana Commission for Higher Education

IREAD-3 Proficiency Data Set

The IREAD-3 assessment was developed and implemented to measure student reading skills based on Indiana Academic Standards, through the third grade. Assessment data is used to ensure that every student receives appropriate reading instruction based on their individual needs. Years included: 2023 | Source: Indiana Department of Education, IYI Data Request

Teacher Retention Rate Data Set

Indiana educators retained the previous school year. Years included: 2023 | Source: Indiana Department of Education via IYI Data Request

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