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How are median wages impacted by education level?

According to the 2022 Indiana Readiness Report, the median wages by education levels in the United States are:

  • Less than a high school diploma: $30,950
  • High school diploma: $39,050
  • Some college or Associates degree: $44,850
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: $72,000


Source: Commission for Higher Education

Economists estimate that in 2031, the nation will have 171 million jobs.

However, only 30% of them will be open to workers without college degrees.


Source: Lytle, 2022

2022 High School Graduation and Drop Out Rates

The number of high school students graduating on time in 2022 was 86.6% compared to 88.1% in 2018. The 2022 dropout rate was 7.5%, compared to 5.2% in 2018.

Source: Indiana Department of Education
College Enrollment Data Set

College enrollment, also called the college-going rate, is the number of students registered to attend a college or university in Indiana. Enrollment is generally calculated as a snapshot in time, usually in the fall, but can also be determined using the percentage of high school graduates in a given year who are registered to attend a postsecondary program. College enrollment can be measured by degree type, demographics, full-time enrollment vs part-time enrollment, and institution type. Years included: 2021 cohort | Source: Indiana Commission for Higher Education

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