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Indiana Youth Institute supports youth services through innovative trainings, critical data, and capacity-building resources – aiming every effort at increasing the well-being of all children.


The success of youth-serving professionals and organizations is amplified when connected with other dedicated partners. We believe in constant learning and innovation. Our work is not finished until every child in every part of our state is safe, well-educated, healthy, and supported by caring adults.

Indiana Youth Institute aggregates reliable, high-quality data and resources from state and national sources for youth workers and organizations working together to improve the lives of all Indiana children, especially those facing the greatest adversity.

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As the demand for careers with post-secondary credentials continues to increase, starting college and career interventions early in a child’s life is essential. IYI’s College & Career Readiness Initiatives support individuals and institutions in their work to ensure all Indiana young people are prepared and positioned for success in their post-secondary educational journey.

The Youth Worker Well-Being Project is a collaborative statewide effort to address individual youth worker well-being, workplace conditions, and root causes of stress in the sector to promote comprehensive change in youth workers and invest in their well-being so they can provide the highest quality services for kids.

We offer professional education opportunities to expand your knowledge through webinars, conferences, onsite training, and virtual events that connect you to peers around the state.

We support organizations to advance their work each day through practical and innovative approaches to increasing capacity, efficiency, and impact.

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