Peer Support Groups

Bring a friend and drop in on new topic-focused groups!​

Youth work is tough. But you don’t have to do it alone.

The goal of Peer Support Groups is to help youth workers manage stress and vicarious or first-hand trauma on a drop-in, as-needed basis so they can continue to
provide high-quality services and remain in the field. 

Youth workers can join a Peer Support Group through Zoom for Healthcare to talk with fellow youth workers about the challenges faced in the field and gain tools and practices to help deal with stresses and trauma.

Participation in the Youth Worker Well-Being Project Peer Support Groups is unlimited, no-cost, and confidential for all Indiana youth workers.

Peer Support Groups are facilitated by experienced behavioral health professionals from Hope Haven Psychological Resource, held at different times to accommodate varying schedules, and provide the opportunity to debrief challenging work experiences in a clinically appropriate, culturally responsive environment to help decrease feelings of isolation.

Advanced registration is not required, but please sign up at least 5 minutes before the Peer Support Group start time to receive the Zoom link via email to join the session.

Need Help Now?


If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide or a mental health or substance use crisis, please call 988 to reach Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and speak with a trained crisis specialist 24/7. Learn more here.

About Our Peer Support Group Facilitators


Latisha T. Love, Psy.D

Dr. Love has clinical experience conducting in-person and telehealth therapy sessions for individuals, families, and groups to address concerns like depression, anxiety, attention and focus, family conflict, and struggles coping with various traumas. Dr. Love has worked in private practices, community mental health and college counseling centers, and residential treatment facilities providing therapy and group support sessions for adults, college students, and youth ages 4-18 in those various settings. She earned her Doctor of Psychology from the University of Indianapolis, a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Ball State University, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy from the University of Indianapolis.

Jean Fabrice Ndzana, M.A., Ed.S

Jean is an experienced counselor providing therapeutic services to a diverse client population in both individual and facilitated group discussion settings. As a clinician with previous front-line experience working with children and youth who have experienced various trauma, Jean has learned to build positive therapeutic relationships, providing support during crises, and promoting self-care and healthy coping tools. Jean earned his master’s and educational specialist’s degrees in psychology, clinical and mental health counseling, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University, and an associate degree in criminal justice and political science from Northern Virginia Community College.

Victoria Thompson, M.S., MHC Temp

Victoria is an experienced counselor and youth worker who spent more than 10 years in various front-line roles with children and youth as a teacher’s aide, tutor, early learning instructor, and case worker. She has been providing confidential therapeutic and mental health treatment for Hope Haven clients since 2018 and has experience utilizing evidence-based interventions for individual and group therapy, maximizing outcomes for participants. Victoria completed the Mental Health Clinician Program at Butler University, earned a Master of Science in counseling and counseling education from Indiana University, Indianapolis, and a bachelor’s degree in human development family studies from Indiana State University.

Benetta Johnson, Ph.D.

Dr. Johnson is a licensed health service provider of psychology in Indiana who, in addition to owning Hope Haven Psychological Resource, has experience facilitating the therapeutic process in schools, communities, hospitals, residential treatment centers, and correctional facilities. She has an interest in and passion for the emotional and spiritual well-being of people in all walks of life. Dr. Johnson earned a Doctor of Philosophy in counseling psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, a Master of Education in community counseling from the University of Georgia, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Missouri. She has served in various leadership roles for the Indiana Association of Black Psychologists, has been a member of the Indiana Society of Psychoanalytic Thought, and serves on the MDWISE Behavioral Health Providers Credentialing Committee.

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