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Consulting Services

Coaching and support provided by field experts increase the effectiveness and capacity of youth-serving organizations and programs. When youth-serving nonprofits are supported, they can boost impact, improve effectiveness, and increase their capacity to serve Indiana youth.


Our Consulting Project Managers will guide your organization through an assessment and project plan tailored to your specific organizational needs. We match you with an IYI Consultant based on need, ranging from Strategic Planning to Board Development to Program Planning and more. 

How much does a project cost?


Basic and advanced projects available range from 40 hours over a 3-4 month timeframe to 60 hours over a 5-6 month timeframe. Project cost is based on the number of hours involved. 

All projects are partially or fully underwritten by our fundraising efforts. Our Consulting Project Managers will discuss budget, timeline, and deliverables during an introductory call – including opportunities for no cost mentoring technical assistance.  

What Consulting Services are available through IYI?
Strategic Planning

Work with your board and staff to agree on your priorities for the next 1-3 years. This can include SWOTs, mission and vision clarity, and 1-3 year action plans.

Program Development

Strengthen the programs you offer by advancing their impact and sustainability. This broad umbrella can include onboarding and training plans, logic models, theories of change, policies & procedures, and more.  

Mentoring Program Development

If you have a program that offers mentoring to youth, you can receive no-cost consulting from MENTOR Indiana to address your organization’s needs as well as learn from best practices around topics such as mentor recruitment and retention, monitoring and matching processes, and more. 

Needs Assessment

Before making decisions, ensure you gather the data to inform them. This can include community surveys and focus groups, organizational SWOTs and retreats, environmental scans, and research.  

Board Development

Make sure your board is engaged, aligned with your mission, and in good partnership with your staff. This can include roles and responsibilities, onboarding, training, and term limits.

Sustainability Planning

How can you set your organization up for success in 10-20 years? This can include fund development plans, donor relations, grant and sponsor strategies, capital campaigns, and more.


We have state-approved evaluators to help you gather and analyze your program data for grants such as 21st CCLC, AmeriCorps, and more. 

School & Community Impact

Do you know that your school’s approaches to education fit the needs of your youth and their community? This can include specialized needs assessments, DEIB, ACEs, and other environmental and social factors.

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Consulting Project Managers are available for informational calls or to answer questions.

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