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Indiana Schools Safety Staffing, Arrests, and Bullying Annual Report


As required by Indiana Code (IC) 20-34-6-1, each school corporation is to report the number of bullying incidents, by category, involving a student attending a school within their school corporation. Further, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is statutorily required to report the following information, reported by each school corporation, to the Indiana General Assembly, the Board for the Coordination of Programs Serving Vulnerable Individuals (established by IC 4-23-30.2-8), and the Criminal Justice Institute:

●  The number of arrests of students on school corporation property, including arrests made by law enforcement officers, security guards, school safety specialists, and other school corporation employees, and any citizen arrests.

●  The offenses for which students were arrested on school corporation property.

●  The number of contacts with law enforcement personnel from a school corporation employee that have resulted in arrests of students not on school corporation property.

●  Statistics concerning the age, race, and gender of students arrested on school corporation property and categorizing the statistics by offenses.

●  Whether the school corporation has established and employs a school corporation police department under IC 20-26-16, and if so, report:

○  the number of officers in the school corporation police department; and

○  the training the officers must complete.

●  If the school corporation employs private security guards to enforce rules or laws on school property, a detailed explanation of the use of private security guards by the school corporation.

●  If the school corporation has an agreement with a local law enforcement agency regarding procedures to arrest students on school property, a detailed explanation of the use of the local law enforcement agency by the school corporation.

●  The number of reported bullying incidents involving a student of the school corporation by category. However, nothing in this subdivision may be construed to require all bullying incidents to be reported to a law enforcement agency.

This report includes acts of bullying reported during the 2022-2023 school year.


Source: Indiana Department of Education (2023). Indiana Schools Bullying, Arrests, and Safety Staffing Annual Report.