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What does the research say about grade 3 reading proficiency as a predictor of future success?


Following an established REL Pacific research protocol, we conducted a web-based search for resources related to the outcomes predicted by grade 3 reading proficiency. Because previous Ask A REL responses from REL Midwest (cited below) and REL Mid-Atlantic identified the relationship between grade 3 reading proficiency and academic achievement, college retention, college and career readiness, incarceration, and high school dropout, we focused our search on studies that address additional outcomes such as college enrollment, SEL competency development, and economic growth. In the case of the Mid-Atlantic Ask A REL response, which did not have a public link available at the time of the request, REL Pacific sent a version to the requestor for their reference.

The sources for this search included ERIC and other federally funded databases and organizations, research institutions, academic research databases, and general Internet search engines (for details, please see the methods section at the end of this memo). We also tried to focus our search on studies in the Pacific and other indigenous contexts for greater relevancy to the Pacific region.

References are listed in alphabetical order, not necessarily in order of relevance. Descriptions of the resources are quoted directly from the publication abstracts. We have not evaluated the quality of references and the resources provided in this response. We offer them only for your reference. Also, our search included the most commonly used research resources, but they are not comprehensive and other relevant references and resources may exist.


Source: Institute of Education Sciences (2018). What does the research say about 3rd grade reading proficiency as a predictor of future success?.