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Kindergarten Readiness Indicators (KRI): Spring 2022 Results Overview


The Kindergarten Readiness Indicators (KRI) is an assessment meant to measure selected
foundational academic skills needed for success in kindergarten. The goal of the KRI is to assess
children’s understanding of six oral language, literacy, and math skills in the spring before kindergarten
entry. Previous research has shown that the six skills assessed in the KRI contribute to students’ future
academic success. Results from the KRI can help educators and policy makers understand the extent
to which preschool children are academically ready for kindergarten.

The KRI assessment is in its third year of statewide administration
conducted by FSSA for programs funded via the On My Way (OMW)
Pre-K program. In the Spring of 2019, it was administered to a sample
of preschoolers in Vanderburgh and Marion counties as part of a Pilot
Study sponsored by the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation and Welborn
Baptist Foundation. KRI administration was expanded in 2021 and
offered to students in OMW Pre-K programs state-wide.

The purpose of this report is to summarize results from the state-wide
KRI administration conducted in Spring 2022.


Source: National Opinion Research Center (2023). Kindergarten Readiness Indicator.