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Advancing Lives, LLC
Organizational Knowledge; Agency Strategy & Policy

Contact: Evetty Satterfield, MSW

Primary Services: 
Organizational Knowledge
Secondary Services: Agency Strategy & Policy

Advancing Lives, LLC is a visionary organization dedicated to empowering educational institutions and organizations through specialized Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) training and consulting. With a comprehensive suite of services including DEI design, culturally relevant teaching, and social-emotional learning, the organization aims to foster environments where diversity is celebrated, and equity is a foundational principle. Leveraging Evetty’s extensive experience in education and mentoring, Advancing Lives focuses on courageous facilitation, policy advocacy for fair discipline practices, and the promotion of hiring practices that support teachers of color, addressing critical areas within the school system and beyond to create more inclusive communities. Learn more at advancinglivesllc.com