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The Brilliant Lead
Agency Strategy & Policy; Workplace Program; Organizational Knowledge; Assessment

Contact: Sequoia Owen


The Brilliant Lead, LLC is a black woman-owned consulting firm that provides a suite of services to implement an inclusive, trauma-informed culture within your youth-serving organization.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Primary Services:
Agency Strategy & Policy; Workplace Program; Organizational Knowledge
Secondary Services:

Our team of experts facilitate organization-wide equity assessments to help you understand what efforts are needed to cultivate diversity, equity inclusion, and belonging within the workplace. Our leadership training and workshops are designed to bolster organizational knowledge and provide leaders with tools to feel more equipped to improve workplace culture for historically marginalized groups. Our hands-on technical assistance helps you dive deeper into implementation, including building an internal DEI committee to increase feelings of belonging at work and updating written organizational strategy and policy to create tangible ways for your employees to feel valued.

Trauma-Informed Workplaces
Primary Services: 
Assessment; Agency Strategy & Policy; Workplace Program; Organizational Knowledge

With expertise in SAMHSA’s Trauma-Informed Care, our team facilitates Organizational Wellness Assessment to evaluate burnout and resilience factors to inform what workplace strategies are to be prioritized and implemented. Our training and workshops are designed to equip your leadership team with the confidence to practice trauma-informed leadership and build an anti-burnout culture. Our hands-on technical assistance can help with implementation of trauma-informed best practices and can help your organization to align with principles of psychological safety in its written policies and procedures.

Our services can be stand-alone but we highly encourage a combination of interventions to develop a full-scale employee wellbeing strategy to include ongoing monitoring of a positive workplace. Our goal is to leave you with all of the tools you need to carry the work forward long after we’re gone. Learn more at thebrilliantlead.com.