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Heather Savage, MSW
Outreach Manager, Central Region

Heather is IYI’s Outreach Manager actively supporting youth workers and advocating for community well-being in Central Indiana. 

Heather has a decade of social work career experience, a master’s degree in social work, and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in social work with a focus on leadership, practice, and community development. She is passionate about mental health in underserved areas, and as the co-founder of Let Them Talk Indy, a nonprofit elevating Black youth voices nationally, Heather addresses community disparities and fosters intergenerational ties. Additionally, she serves on the boards of Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE) and the Youth Justice Oversight Committee, focusing on legislative advocacy and transitional services for justice-involved youth. She is also an alumnus of the Leadership United Program.

Through her extensive network, Heather provides resources, connections, and education to advance the missions of various community organizations and stakeholders.