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Interrupting Racism for Children
Jasmine Elizondo De Anda | Trainer

Training Contact: Jasmine Elizondo De Anda

Child Advocates, Interrupting Racism for Children (IRFC) provides a variety of workshops and presentations grounded in the understanding of racism and bias, with goals centered on using education for effective inclusive action, relationship building, and sustainable change. IRFC utilizes facilitators with decades of experience to create spaces where participants understand the historical context for our present-day racial outcomes and disparities, with no shame or blame, while giving tools for responsibility moving forward to be accountable in creating inclusive spaces/communities where race will no longer be a determinant factor in life outcomes. IRFC has a foundational two-day workshop and a modified one-day, and can adjust the delivery of the workshops to meet the needs of organizations, often delivering the material in series.  We provide follow-up workshops, in addition to various workshops, panels or presentations in the areas of inclusion and belonging. Learn more at childadvocates.net.