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School Care Team
Assessment; Agency Strategy & Policy; Organizational Knowledge; Workplace Program

Contact: Shannon Tenney


Primary Services: Assessment; Agency Strategy & Policy; Organizational Knowledge; Workplace Program

Creating a trauma-informed culture means recognizing the signs of burnout, stress, and vicarious trauma and proactively addressing issues with strategies that prioritize mental health and emotional well-being. The School Care Team uses evidence-based tools to not only uplift the spirits of youth workers, but to present a holistic approach to emphasizing self-care as a professional asset. Assessments like Working Genius play a pivotal role in constructing a trauma-informed workplace by illuminating individual strengths within a team. By understanding each person’s unique genius, organizations can tailor roles and responsibilities that align with natural talents, reducing stress, and preventing burnout. This alignment fosters job satisfaction and enhances productivity while building a culture of psychological safety. Professional coaching and WRAP workshops promote a trauma-informed work environment. Coaches offer personalized support, helping individuals identify strengths and navigate stressors, reducing burnout risks. WRAP workshops provide a structured approach to wellness, teaching participants to recognize triggers and develop coping strategies. Learn more at schoolcareteam.org.