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Tami Silverman, DPA
President & Chief Executive Officer

Tami Silverman leads the Institute’s vision, constructing and implementing strategies to fulfill our mission of statewide child success.

Working with the board of directors, Tami determines the overall direction of IYI. She also serves as the organization’s primary spokesperson, advocating for programs, innovations, and policies that benefit children and youth. Tami draws upon her 25 years of experience managing teams to set the stage for dedicated, curious and focused individuals to create positive impact and lasting change.

Since being appointed president and chief executive officer in 2016, Tami has spearheaded efforts to update IYI’s response to the needs of children and the field of youth service. A new strategic plan was introduced in 2017, followed by an organizational re-design, an update of internal technology, and a revamp of the organization’s approach to outreach and engagement. Throughout each of these efforts, Tami has relentlessly infused feedback from youth workers, community leaders and everyone working to help kids.
She currently serves on the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s Cabinet Youth Committee, the Indiana Criminal Justice Authority’s Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group and Indiana University’s Society of Aeons.

Tami brings to IYI a clear understanding of the challenges faced by many children and families through her experience in family violence prevention and youth leadership and service. It was while working with thousands of homeless, often traumatized children that she confronted first-hand how some children face seemingly insurmountable challenges while others are born with immense resources and support. This has sparked her passion for ensuring that all children can reach their full potential.

Tami was raised in Bloomington, Indiana by a family of educators. Including her parents and spouse, Tami’s family includes 16 Indiana teachers, counselors, and school administrators. She received a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and master’s and doctorate degrees in public administration from the University of Illinois. After an early career in the private sector, she shifted to the nonprofit sector in 1997, where she continues her family’s tradition of serving children and families.

Tami spent her high school and college summers participating in international exchange programs, living and learning with families around the world. These formative experiences have sparked a lifelong curiosity about diverse people, places, and cultures. Today one of her greatest joys is traveling, both across the country and around the globe, with her beloved and supportive husband, Ross, and their two teenage children.