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Better FAFSA & 21st Century: Legislative Updates

About This Event

Get ready to unlock the future of higher education in Indiana! Indiana’s Commissions for Higher Education will be sharing game-changing updates to the 21st Century Scholars program that are set to impact students and institutions. Dive into the world of enhanced FAFSA updates and guidelines designed to simplify the financial aid process for students and their families. Stay in the know with the latest legislative, programmatic, and initiative updates that are aligned with Indiana’s commitment to accessible, high-quality education. This presentation is your key to understanding the evolving higher education landscape in Indiana, empowering student success, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders for a brighter educational future.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will leave the webinar with:

  1. An understanding of the 21st Century Scholars Program.
  2. A tutorial on the changes concerning Better FAFSA.
  3. Informed on state legislative, programmatic, and initiative updates concerning college and career readiness.


Hilary Deardorff
Director of K-12 Outreach
Indiana Commission for Higher Education

CYC Competency Domain

  • Applied Human Development
  • Developmental Practice Methods