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Our Supporters

Continuous, repeated support from our partners allow us to make a substantive and sustained impact over the course of a child’s life – from birth into young adulthood.


We are honored to work with thousands of youth-serving organizations every year. Together, we create a ripple effect of collective impact for Indiana’s kids and drive meaningful change in all corners of our state.

Our Foundational Partners

These partnerships are the foundation upon which we build sustainable solutions and amplify our impact. Through dedicated partners, we are able to leverage collective strengths, share resources, and innovate for greater effectiveness. The following organizations are foundational to Indiana Youth Institute’s ability to provide high-quality resources and support for youth workers across Indiana. 

  • Lilly Endowment Inc. 
  • Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware Counties
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Indiana Humanities Council
  • Indiana Pacers Foundation
  • Indiana University
  • Ivy Tech 
  • Purdue University
Our Grant Partners

Grant funding plays a vital role in ensuring the sustainability, growth, and impact of the services IYI provides to youth-serving professionals who directly affect the lives of the Indiana youth that they serve. IYI is grateful for the financial support we receive from our various funders that support our mission-driven work, allow us to respond to the needs of the youth services field, and foster financial stability and innovation. 

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Ball Brothers Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County  
  • Dekko Foundation
  • Department of Mental Health & Addiction
  • Drug & Alcohol Commission of Allen County
  • Edmund F. & Virginia Beal Ball Foundation
  • Indiana Education Savings Authority 
  • Nicholas H. Noyes Jr. Foundation
  • Office of Juvenile Justice & Drug Prevention Program
  • Service Children & Adults in Need (SCAN)

Corporate Sponsorships

Your Opportunity

A corporate sponsorship with Indiana Youth Institute is an impactful way to ensure the quality and relevancy of the various resources offered to the youth-services field. It also provides your company with visibility and engagement opportunities in the areas of interest for your company at the local and state levels.

Thank you in advance for considering joining IYI in supporting the youth services field through innovative trainings, critical data, and capacity-building resources, aiming every effort at increasing the well-being of all children. Your support of IYI will make an ongoing impact on Indiana youth and the over 60,000 youth-serving professionals who serve them, and the 5,000+ youth-serving organizations that provide critical youth-centered services.

Contact our Vice President of Advancement & Impact, Michele Sullivan, to talk about the opportunity.


Our mission is to improve the lives of Indiana’s children.

How we do that is responsive to need, but the goal never changes. With the support of thoughtful donors like you, we can focus on creating best practice models, provide critical resources, and supporting the youth-services field and positive outcomes for youth. All gifts to IYI, unless otherwise specified, are used for the most pressing priorities – all focused on facilitating change for Indiana kids.

Interested in supporting youth workers & organizations with IYI?

Our Advancement team would love to talk with you!