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Coping with Criticism College Life from Students of Color Webinar

Although college is an enriching and joyous time, it can be one of the most tumultuous experiences for students that do not feel a sense of connection or belonging on campus. During this session, we will explore environmental stressors and considerations that increase barriers to academic success and social belonging for Students of Color on Predominately White Institutions (PWI). The session will discuss navigating difference and identifying ways to support students from underrepresented populations as a way of fostering emotional safety and attunement as they obtain academic success and scholarship.

Learning Objectives

  1. To identify barriers for having a sense of belonging on campus for Students of Color.
  2. To explore the connection between lack of belonging and academic performance.
  3. To identify solution-oriented steps to increase a sense of belonging for Students of Color


Speaker: Michael Whiteside II, Multicultural Outreach Coordinator and Mental Health Specialist at Indiana University, General Partner for Reclaiming Royalty