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Indiana Probation Report 2021: Summary and Statistics


Administrative Rule 1(C) of the Indiana Rules of Court requires all probation departments to
report to the Indiana Office of Court Services (IOCS) the information required by Ind. Code
§ 11-13-1-4. IOCS compiles information from these individual reports and publishes the annual
Indiana Probation Report. For 2021, the report incorporates the state summary and the individual
court and county statistics in one volume. The report contains workload data and an overview of
funds expended on probation services in Indiana. Also included within the Probation Report is the
Juvenile Law Services Report, which provides demographic and financial information related to
juvenile law services provided to delinquent children as required by Ind. Code § 31-31-10-2.
This report provides, in graphic format, a statewide view of the workload of Indiana’s probation
departments, information about probation personnel expenses, and restitution collected over a
ten-year period. In 2012, the juvenile demographic statistics reported per the guidelines
established by the Federal Office of Management and Budget were expanded to include age,
race, and totals by ethnicity. As a result, the section on demographics will not have a 10-year
comparison as in past years. The Probation Report also provides detailed information for 2021
by individual department and county.
The information compiled in this report would not be possible without the cooperation and
contribution of Indiana’s probation departments.


Source: Supreme Court of Indiana (2021). Indiana Probation Report