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Indiana Public Transit Annual Report 2022

Executive Summary

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
considers public transit to be an essential service
that supports local and state goals for economic
growth, quality of life, energy conservation, and
environmental quality.

The INDOT Office of Transit (OT) provides financial
and technical assistance to public transit systems
throughout the state. The primary goal of the OT is
to furnish reliable, safe, and efficient public transit
services and enhance personal mobility throughout
Indiana’s urban and rural areas.

This Calendar Year 2022 Annual Report, prepared
by the OT, summarizes key operating and financial
characteristics of Indiana’s publicly assisted transit
systems. It provides information to public officials,
planners, transit managers, and other interested
persons. The document provides the reader with a
summary of transit service and financial information,
a detailed report of system characteristics, and a
glossary of terms as used in this report. INDOT
obtained information about the individual transit
systems from locally prepared annual reports.

The 65 transit systems in Indiana during 2022 are
divided among four peer groups, plus NICTD, that
reflect system size and type of service. These
peer groups are classified as Large Fixed Route,
Small Fixed Route, Urban Demand Response,
and Rural Demand Response. These groups were
defined during the Public Mass Transportation
Fund Allocation Study completed in 1997. Group
Assignments were updated in 2019. Section Two of
this report provides a detailed analysis of each of the
four peer groups.


Source: Indiana Department of Transportation (2022). Indiana Public Transit Annual Report