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Prioritizing SEL & Self Efficacy Before Post Secondary Attempts Webinar

This webinar will explore issues of social & emotional learning (SEL) and self-efficacy development of today’s, and more importantly…tomorrow’s post-secondary students and its impact on their persistence to post-secondary completion. The goal of the webinar will be to identify core issues impacting post-secondary student success and to begin formulating curricular & co-curricular program strategies for high school students before post-secondary attempts. This session will focus on pre- post-secondary student preparedness versus constructing more post-secondary supports for unprepared students on a four-year graduation plan.

Learning Objectives

  1. Compare and contrast the social & emotional development of today’s post-secondary students to post-secondary students of previous generations.
  2. Identify the skills and abilities that increase self-efficacy.
  3. Formulate curricular & co-curricular programming for high school students that develops SEL and self-efficacy



Dr. Nathan Schaumleffel | Proprietor & Senior Consultant, Driven Strategic LLC

Dr. Michele Hansen | Associate Vice President | Institutional Research and Planning


CYC Competency Domains: Applied Human Development; Developmental Practice Methods