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Quality resources and connections to programs to ensure youth-serving professionals and organizations have the tools to support Indiana youth in pursuing their post-secondary educational journey.


IYI’s College & Career Program Navigator pulls programs from across the state into one easy to access spot. Explore college & career readiness programs in Indiana.
Kindergarten through High School Programs
Indiana Educational Service Centers
Education Service Centers serve schools in their designated geographical region through a variety of programs and services such as professional development, cooperative purchasing, summer school, risk management, and so much more.
Indiana Youth Programs on Campus
Indiana Youth Programs on Campus (IYPC) is intended, among other things, to help address Indiana’s unacceptably low rankings in the percentage of its adult population with a bachelor’s degree or a meaningful post-secondary credential and to help increase higher education enrollment and success of traditionally underserved students.
Junior Achievement
Online programs that focus on work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.
Career Exploration
Certifications at Ivy Tech
Ivy Tech offers a large variety of degrees, certificates, and workforce certifications in over 70 programs. Find the credential that fits your career interests.
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
A new virtual tool designed to help you find a job, explore careers or education and training opportunities, or get career advice.
Indiana Next Level Jobs
Indiana is taking the state’s workforce to the next level with a focus on the high-priority industries and in-demand, high-paying jobs driving Indiana’s 21st Century economy forward. Next Level Jobs provides Hoosiers tuition-free training through the Workforce Ready Grant.
Junior Achievement
Online programs that focus on work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.
College Access and Success
College Board SAT Practice and Preparation
From free practice tests to a checklist of what to bring on test day, College Board provides everything you need to prepare.
College Raptor
Discover affordable schools, choose your major and career, find scholarships, compare costs, pay for college, and realize your dreams.
Counselor1Stop is an AtoZ compendium of resources for and by K-12 school counselors.
Special Populations
Bloom Project
The Bloom Project, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers group mentoring, college preparation, service learning, character development, and career exploration opportunities. We currently serve in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Ind. It is our mission to prepare young males, ages 12-18, for secondary education and their knowledge within a career pathway.
Foster Success
Foster Success’s mission is to hear, support, and empower teens and young adults transitioning out of foster care on their journey to self-sufficiency.
La Plaza / Tu Futuro
La Plaza strengthens youth, families, and our community through our linguistically and culturally-appropriate services and community events. Through our comprehensive line of educational programs, social services, and workforce development efforts, La Plaza addresses the high school drop-out rate and academic success of Latino youth and prepares families to succeed in the workforce and the community.
Alternative Pathways
Built to Succeed
The Indiana Careers in Construction Association (ICCA) represents more than 60 different construction apprenticeship training facilities throughout Indiana. The mission of the ICCA is to educate career-bound and college-bound Hoosiers about educational and career opportunities in the construction Industry.
Jobs After Graduation (JAG)
JAG is a resiliency-building workforce program that helps students learn in-demand employability skills and provides a bridge to post-secondary education and career advancement opportunities. Currently, there are 130 JAG programs available throughout Indiana.
TeenWorks empowers teens to discover a new level of self-confidence, recognize that achieving professional success is within their reach, and build their resources to make it happen.
Financial Literacy
College Savings Accounts
529 plans were established to help parents and grandparents save money for post-secondary or higher education. Their many unique features – from low fees to tax-advantaged investing – make them one of the most popular ways to save for college.
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Many states and colleges set priority deadlines by which you must submit the FAFSA form to be considered for the aid programs they administer. There is also a federal deadline each academic year.
Indiana Constructors Scholarships
Union apprenticeship programs offer the training you need to help you build a career in construction.
Health & Essential Skills
Bowen Center
Bowen Center provides high-quality, comprehensive healthcare to address the emotional, physical, and social well-being of our patients no matter their ability to pay.
Campus Well Mental Health & Emotional Health
CampusWell is a health and wellness program for colleges, universities, and high schools across the US and Canada. Like you, we believe student wellness is the key to academic success, and our goal is to help you deliver that message to more of your students.
Indiana Boys & Girls Clubs
Indiana Boys & Girls Clubs provide welcoming and positive environments where kids and teens have fun, participate in life-changing programs, and build supportive relationships with peers and caring adults.

College & Career Readiness Webinars

Explore webinars on college & career readiness supports from local, statewide, and national experts.

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